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HST Large Legacy Treasury Program (GO-13297, P.I. Piotto)

Piotto et al. (2015) AJ, 149, 91

The GO-13297 (P.I. Piotto, 131 orbits allocated in Cycle 21, Piotto et al., 2015) Large Legacy Treasury Program “The HST Legacy Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters: Shedding UV Light on Their Populations and Formation” is a UV-initiative proposal to complement the existing F606W and F814W database of the ACS Globular Cluster (GC) Treasury GO-10775 (PI Sarajedini, 134 orbits allocated) “An ACS Survey of Galactic Globular Cluster” by imaging most of its clusters through UV/blue WFC3/UVIS filters F275W, F336W and F438W. This "magic trio" of filters has shown an uncanny ability to disentangle and characterize multiple population (MP) patterns, in a way that is exquisitely sensitive to C, N, and O abundance variations. Combination of these passbands with the optical ones also gives the best leverage for measuring helium enrichment. Our resulting five-band Treasury database will also provide unique tools to address a wide variety of other issues, such as: the advanced evolution of intermediate-mass stars; their chemical yields and contribution to the chemical evolution of galaxies; the calibration of UV-optical colors for unresolved stellar systems; the nature of the second parameter(s) that control the morphology of the horizontal branch; the identification and characterization of blue stragglers, high-energy sources, optical counterparts of millisecond pulsars, and other exotica that tend to congregate in globular clusters. These WEB pages represent the official site of the project.
In these WEB pages, we will update the community on the main results from our project, and we will publish all the photometric and astrometric catalogs which will come from the combination of the GO-13297 and GO-10775 programs, as well as previous, pilot projects GO-12311 and GO-12605.


The catalogs you can retrive from this web page are a release of the Treasury Program GO 13297, as described in Piotto et al. (2015) AJ, 149, 91.

We kindly request you also cite this paper anytime you use the Treasury data.

The full list of clusters observed within GO-13297GO-12605, and GO-12311 is here.

Cluster Informations:
Nardiello et al. (2018), MNRAS, 481, 3382
HUGS (HST UV Globular cluster Survey) is the final database containing catalogs and astrometrised stacked images of 57 clusters observed during the GO-13297.
For each cluster we release 3 catalogs, one for each photometric method adopted. The catalogs contain information on the positions and the photometry in five bands (F275W, F336W, F438W, F606W, and F814W) of each star. The catalogs also include membership probability.
You can refer to the full collection of HUGS data products using the DOI:

Same data can be retrived also from MAST.
Simioni et al. (2016) MNRAS, 476, 271

Papers related to GO-13297:
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