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Francesco Marzari

Personal information

First name:Francesco
Family name:Marzari
e-mail:francesco.marzari (at)
Position:Associate Professor
Instituition:Università degli Studi di Padova
Office:via Marzolo 8, I-35131 Padova - room n. 03 318
Phone (office):+39-049-827-7190
Details:DFA webpage
Personal webpage


1989:PhD in Physics at the University of Padova
1985:Master's degree in Physics at the University of Padova (110/110 cum laude)
1980:Diploma Liceo Scientifico (60/60)

Academic career

Sice 2015:Associate Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy “Galileo Galilei”, University of Padova
1992 - 2015:Researcher at the Physics Department, University of Padova
1998 - 1999: Visiting Professor, PSI (Planetary Science Institute), Tucson (USA)
1991 - 1992:Alenia Post-Doc contract
1990 - 1991:1991:ESA Fellow, PSI (Planetary Science Institute), Tucson (USA)

Administrative responsibilities

Teaching duties: Physics and Biophysics (Master's degree in Medicine)
Physics of planets (Master's degree in Astronomy)
Supervisor of tens of undergraduate students and 9 PhD students

Scientific responsibilities

2004 - 2006:Local P.I. of the “Galileo Galilei” PRIN (Research Project of National Interest, financed by the Italian Ministery of
University and Research) “From stars to planets: accretion and evolution of disks and planet formation”
- Member of the Science Team of CHEOPS mission
- Member of the Team selected in 2014 by ISSI (International Space Science Institute of Bern) to perform research on the topic:
“Analysis of the Circumnuclear Gas and Dust Coma of Comet 67P, the Rosetta Target, on the Basis of 3D
and 3D+t Model Fits to Data Collected from Part of the Orbiter Payload”
- Member of the Team of the PLATO mission (still ongoing)
- Co-Investigator of the instrument JANUS of the ESA mission JUICE to Jupiter's moons
- Co-Investigator of the GAPS project
- Co-Investigator of the instrument SIMBIO-SYS of the ESA mission BepiColombo to Mercury
- Co-Investigator of the instrument OSIRIS of the ESA mission ROSETTA to Mercury
- Member of the Science Team of the CASSINI-HUYGENS mission
- Member of various panels (DFG, NASA) for allocation of money grants

Main research topics

- Planet formation and dynamical evolution
- Protoplanetary disks and their interactions with planets
- Minor bodies of the solar system


2005:Asteroid (7640) has been named in honor of Francesco Marzari by IAU [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 35487]

Publications statistics

more than 200 papers on refereed journals
H-index: 37 - ADS Search source
Total citations: > 5060 (source: ADS Search source)
Most relevant papers:Weidenschilling & Marzari (1996) Nature, 384, 619
Marzari & Scholl (2000) ApJ, 543, 328
Marzari & Weidenschilling (2002) Icarus, 156, 570
Marzari, Nelson & Andrew (2009) ApJ, 705, 1575
Keller et al. (2010) Science 327, 190
Marzari (2014) MNRAS, 442, 1110
Referred papers: publications on ADS database

Past PhD Students and their present position

2005: Mauro Barbieri, Staff Professor, Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile
2006: Pasquale Tricarico, Senior Scientist, PSI, Tucson (USA)
2006: Giovanna Rinaldi, research contract, INAF – IAPS, Roma, Italy
2007: Diego Turrini, Staff Researcher at INAF–IAPS, Roma, Italy
2008: Valentina Granata, Post-Doc University of Padova, Italy
2010: Fedele Colosimo, Postdoctoral Scholar at UCLA (USA)
2011: Serena Benatti, INAF contract, OAPD, Padova, Italy
2011: Elena Martellato, Post-Doc Berlin, Germany
2014: Giovanni Picogna, Post-Doc LMU Munich, Germany