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Asiago Pathfinder for HARPS-N large program (P.I. Bedin)

Nardiello et al. (2015) MNRAS, 447, 3536

APHN (Asiago Pathfinder for HARPS-N) large program is a multi-year survey aimed at collecting high-precision (~5 milli-mag), fast-cadence (~3 min), and relatively long duration (~10 days) multi-band photometric series, exploiting the 67/92 Schmidt Telescope facility.
The goal of the survey is to discover and characterize efficiently variable objects and exoplanetary transits in four fields containing the following five nearby Open Clusters (OCs), spanning a broad range of ages: M 35 + NGC 2158 (in the same Schmidt field of view), M 67, M 44, and NGC 752.
APHN project will (1) constitute a preparatory survey for HARPS-N@TNG, which will be used for spectroscopic follow-up of any target of interest that this survey discovers or characterizes, (2) measure rotational periods and estimate the activity level of targets we are already monitoring with HARPS and HARPS-N for exoplanet transit search, and (3) long term characterization of selected targets of interest in open clusters within the planned K2 fields.
Refer to Nardiello et al. (2015) for a more detailed overview of the APHN project.

In the table below, click on Cluster ID name to achieve the relative OC files.

Cluster IDPapers
M 35 + NGC 2158Nardiello et al. (2015) MNRAS, 447, 3536
M 67Nardiello et al. (2016) MNRAS, 455, 2337
M 44Work in progress
NGC 752Work in progress