A super-Earth inferno and its Neptune-like companion around K2-141 discovered by Malavolta et al. (2018) using NASA K2 mission and HARPS-N@TNG.

A thick-envelope super-Earth and two Neptunes around Kepler-19
Malavolta, Borsato, Granata et al. (2017), characterize K19 system using Kepler TTVs + HARPS-N RVs: K19b is a thick-envelope super-Earth with the Neptune-mass companions K19c and d.

The new UCAC4-RPM catalog
Nascimbeni et al. (2016) released a new, complete all-sky catalog of solar-type dwarfs. Details here.

Kepler/K2 data: two new planetary candidates
ESPG005 (Libralato et al., 2016) and ESPG009 (Nardiello et al., 2016): two new planetary candidates in M44 and M67, respectively. Details here.

Kepler/K2 data: new LCs available
New LCs, input catalogs, and stacked images from K2 data for M 44 (Libralato et al., 2016) and M 67 (Nardiello et al., 2016) clusters. Details here.

Treasury Program (GO-13297)
Early release now available! Intermediate release updated (Feb. 2016). Restricted access here.
(contact the P.I. Giampaolo Piotto for login informations)